Working out isn’t easy. Since I stopped playing sports in high school it’s become one of those things I know I should do but for one reason or another don’t. The reasons are many and varying: I think I don’t have enough time, I’m intimidated by traditional gyms, I don’t see progress fast enough, I’m too tired, and so on and so on.

I don’t think I’m particularly unique in this feeling and you can probably relate to one or all of my reasons for not working out. The thing is I no longer want to accept that. I no longer want to feel like I don’t have time to work out, I no longer want to be forced to feel judged and intimidated by all the fit guys in the gym around me.

I’m building a business that solves those problems, not only for myself but for everybody else that’s not working out as much as they should. That’s where SWEAT. comes in. Right now it’s a simple Apple TV app that I built over the last 5 weeks but over time it’ll be all that you need to start sweating, one drop at a time.